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Back Again

Every few years, I get the blog bug again, I post a few updates, and then I fall off the wagon.

But I really, really miss two things about blogging, which is why I’m back again:

  1. I’m tired of soundbite updates, be they on Twitter or Facebook. Blogging is all about reading something with meat on the bones, and I miss that, whether the topic of discussion is programming, politics, photography, or my other interests.
  2. I need more interaction with software developers. My day job is great, but I’m the only software developer on staff in my entire division. There are some developers in other divisions, and I participate in weekly learning sessions with them, but not working with a team of developer peers for over a decade leaves me feeling like I’m not challenged enough to look into new tools and techniques unless they directly relate to the project task at hand. I enjoy reading what other developers are doing outside of the world of corporate web-based database intranets. I have two Facebook accounts — one for family and church friends (where I try to suppress my politics) and one for other artist, photographer, and model friends (where I try not to talk too much about software). I really don’t have a “home” to write about anything programming-related.

So I’m back. I realize there may only be one or two RSS readers out there following this feed anymore… if you are, please feel free to comment. And if you really like my occasional posts, please advertise me to your followers so I can build up some sort of contact list again. But if no one else is out there anymore, at least I’ll be keeping notes for myself.

Since my interests are relatively eclectic, I’m going to try to be more consistent in using categories, in case anyone wants to follow my programming posts without following my posts on, say, genealogy.

Ok, that’s enough meta for now…


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