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Oops… Lost my backup…

I temporarily misplaced the database driving this blog during an upgrade, but I’m back in business! *sigh*

I’m in the final stages of replacing my main web site (www.tallent.us), so that should be up soon. I’ve been hosting it with Zenfolio for a number of years, but since I don’t do commercial work anymore, it didn’t make sense to pay someone else for a fancier web site than I actually need. Plus, it gave me a chance to play with some Javascript and CSS features that I can’t use at work.

I’d love to know if anyone out there still even uses RSS readers, and if so, if you’re subscribing to this site. I could dig through my Apache log files, but I’d love to know actually *who* reads this, not just a number of visitors, and if *you* have a blog that I should be following.

If you have a second, please leave a comment with your name and, if applicable, blog URL…


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