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You don’t get to decide.

I posted this on Facebook, but since there’s a sliver of a chance that someone still reads this blog, I’m cross-posting it here.

I just got blocked by a photographer friend because I stood up for TG people while he was making demeaning comments people self-identifying as something other than their birth-assigned gender.

I can argue all day with my conservative friends about taxes or federalism or foreign policy, but I won’t stand for belittling of marginalized minorities.

The most important freedom we have is NOT the right to carry a gun. It isn’t the right to be a jerk in front of a microphone. It isn’t the right to own land or save up for retirement or buy a nice car. It isn’t the right to pay low taxes or start a business.

No, the MOST important freedom we have is that, in the most private and intimate aspects of our life (gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, love, art, etc.), WE get to tell people who we are and act on those deeply-held beliefs, without asking for someone else’s permission, and without being harassed or forced to accept “separate accommodations” in lieu of equality, provided our beliefs and actions do not impede on those same rights for others.

So if you truly believe that TG people are mentally ill, or are “faking it” to get attention, or are possessed by demons, or need to stop eating gluten, good for you. You also have the right to believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But what you DO NOT have the right to do is to use the color of law to force TG people to conform to who YOU think they are when they are going about their lives minding their own business.


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