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Roman Numeral Conversion Library

Github didn’t have enough Excel macro modules, so I added one: my library for converting between decimal integers and Roman numerals.


I spend a lot of time in Excel in my day job. While I’m a software developer, I work in a group of consultants on a variety of projects, sometimes using applications I manage written on ASP.NET, but also using complex spreadheets (and, for many project, a combination of the two).

Don’t get me wrong, I love C#, but there’s something comfortable about VBA, since I’ve been using one form of BASIC or another now for 32 years.

People don’t give Excel and it’s formula functions and macro language enough credit, I suppose because there’s so much terrible copypasta “coding” out there, and the IDE is pretty terrible. But the “real” business world still runs on spreadsheets, no matter how many millions of dollars companies throw at building enterprise applications. There’s a huge opportunity for developers to work in that space, working with rank and file employees to bring software development’s discipline, tools, testing, and coding standards to the “wild west” of ad-hoc Excel programming.

So, anyway, if you need to convert Roman numerals to numbers or vice versa in Excel, now there’s a lib for that.


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